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Welcome to FLKPOP where KPOP fans from all over Florida can meet!

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Hi lovely followers, don’t forget to let us know what fandom you would like to be put under for our members list. We also have a link for a map, and if you feel comfortable, go ahead and add your url there too. Who knows, you may have a fellow kpopper in your area!

Have a great day!

- Admin Megan

Attention Florida KOP Fans!

Welcome to our brand new network blog for Florida KPOP fans. We decided to create this blog so we can meet and talk to other fellow KPOP fans in our area. We eventually would like to plan meet ups and activities.

Basically, we want to try and show how many KPOP fans are forgotten here down in the south as well as get to know our neighbors.

So if you want to join, follow and message us your kpop blog url and what fandom you would like to be categorized under.